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  • I'm sorry, *cheapest* solution (common to non-sniffing NC counties. I know folks who've done this) - Cut out the cat, or use one of your spent ones. - Use a broom handle to bust out the honeycomb. - Weld the cat back in place. (I don't think you can count on it simply burning away and if it's choking on something else, it's just going to plug) The emissions folks will see a cat in...
    pommeree Nov 17, 2003
  • Sorry to rain on your parade but ... If you've burnt through two Cats in a year then something is way off. The engine is dumping gas which the cat then attempts to burn off (like it should) but there's so much that the CAT is getting incinerated. (Ask me how I know!) For a fraction of the price of a custom exhaust (bypass) and new CAT you should get the thing tuned up at the local...
    pommeree Nov 17, 2003
  • Hi folks, My name's Eric and I'm from Durham, NC. I've got an '83 E21 but I love the E28s and thought I'd sign on here. The folks on the E21 forum can't say enough positive about Maximillian Importing. All OEM and the prices and service are great. (As has been my experience, too.) See http://www.partsforbmws.com/ I'm sure you folks are familiar with Bavarian Autosport, too. Tech...
    pommeree Oct 22, 2003