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  • Is this a question about using M5 parts on a 535is or about upgrading the suspension that came on US M5's? Euro-spec M5's are a different thing altogether. --- In bmwe28@^$1, oneshot179@^$2.. wrote: > > hi whats different about the m5 suspension and how do you uprate it it > > > > > > > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed] >
    Pat Hines Aug 27, 2008
  • Nathan's in Georgia, USA. Our e28's were all the Lux edition, with monotone leather in most cars. Two tone was not offered here. Good advise on the heater and control arm bushings, easy items to replace. Our bumpers were alloy and we had the e28 through 1988, the best years are '86, '87, & '88 here. --- In bmwe28@^$1, oneshot179@^$2.. wrote: > > Look for a lux version > > it has...
    Pat Hines Aug 25, 2008
  • Nathan, You can buy a very nice 535i or 535is for $4000.00 or slightly less, that's what I'd look for. Try to find one that has original paint in good condition because that will mean it's mostly been garaged which will in turn mean that it's unlikely to have rust issues. I recommend a 5-speed transmission, the auto trannies of the time were nothing to write home about and...
    Pat Hines Aug 25, 2008
  • You really want a 1988, if you're in the US, or the last year in europe which was 1987. While the 533i is OK, it's impossible to chip the ECU, and there are a couple other reasons it's less desireable. The 5-speed manual is much more desireable than the auto tranny. It's just more sporting, and the auto unit is much more fragile. The engines in e28's are pretty robust, the most...
    Pat Hines Jan 19, 2006
  • The owner of the silver car with a number of photo's of it on the Photos page. The car has a spoiler on it similar to or exactly like the one I'm installing on my car. I'd like to get the high resolution version of several of the photo's. Pat Hines '87 535is
    Pat Hines Sep 13, 2003