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  • Dear Dana. Thank you very much for your help. I already contact them and it looks like the have what I looking for. Thanks a lot Angel León ----Mensaje original---- De: agentmidnight@^$1 Recibido: 21/11/2005 0:45 Para: Asunto: Re: [bmw e28] How Can I Get The Two Sets Of BACKLIGHTS http://www.theeurodepot.com/ Check out this company they should have a lot of them for sale from...
    GALLEGOAL@telefonica.net Nov 22, 2005
  • I am looking for the rear lights of my BMW 520i E28. Anyone of you all know how can I get them? I am looking everyday in a USED PARTS magazine specialiced in this matters but I have had no succes. Thank a lot A. León
    aleon47g Nov 20, 2005