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  • I replace mine because of irregular idle. Frankly, I was guessing and the part was fairly cheap. It solved the problem right away. I was amazed. --- In bmwe28@^$1, "Agent Midnight" wrote: > > Hello all, > I know this is a bit off topic of any thing that > is being talked about right now but I am a but excited ;-). > For the longest time I have been having idle problem to one degree...
    greg_collen Apr 14, 2006
  • you need to check several things. it may not be the coolant. check the v belt, you checked the thermostat, auxillary fan may not be working. You need a bentley manual. If your trouble shooting you don't need to have coolant in it.(not for driving just testing while the car is sitting) Just make sure its full of water. Once you figure out the problem, drain it and replace with 50...
    greg_collen Nov 11, 2005
  • climb into the trunk with a flashlight. Have a friend close the trunk and then run a water hose over the trunk. Using the flashlight look for water coming in. I replaced my seal but I know of others who have used this method. I haven't heard of the trunk being naturally damp as someone else implied.
    greg_collen Jun 18, 2005
  • Have you tried using Techron or Redline? I use the Techron. --- In bmwe28@^$1, ken@^$2.. wrote: > I have a stuttering engine and it has been suggested that I use a Wynn's > Injector Cleaner Kit. > > Plug are new but car still idles low and wants to stall at light. Seems very > ruff going as you accelerate. > > > > > > Kenneth H. Holyoak > Information+Insight=Profit > HIG, LLC...
    greg_collen Dec 30, 2004
  • Does it have phosphates in it? If so, its not recommended by BMW. Im sure the regular prestone coolant has phosphates. The BMW stuff is overpriced on the other hand its only replaced every 2 years.
    greg_collen Dec 24, 2004