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  • Thanks everyone for the sugestions! Problem is that the key piece is COMPLETELY inside... the metal flap is closed and everything! And BTW I live and work on a low crime area so no worries there! You cant see the piece, eveything looks normal on the outside. This weekend I will take a look inside the door. --- In bmwe28@^$1, "Joel T. Gonzalez" wrote: > > Can you use a small...
    Angel Rodriguez Sep 22, 2006
  • Yesterday, while opening my 88 E28, I apparently turned the key before sticking it in completely and the key snapped inside. Luckyly, I had a spare... inside the glove compartment!! After thinking about it, the solution was simple. I pushed the piece of the key into the cylinder with the house keys and turned it and Voila! The car opened. Now I have a problem, how do I remove the...
    Angel Rodriguez Sep 21, 2006
  • Hello to all, my e28 is making a very nasty clunk, especially on the passenger's side. It is noticeable most when pulling out hard in first, or every time the gas pedal is lifted of and on. It fells like the whole rear differential is going to snap off. I already changed the boomerang shaped links on both sides.
    Angel Rodriguez Dec 28, 2005
  • Very common problem, the switch is located right above the trim piece, you will need to adjust it or simply spray some lubricant and it should work fine afterward. I had this problem recently and was lucky since the break lights go off when key the is romoved even when the pedal is presed, so i saved myself from a dead battery.
    Angel Rodriguez Jan 24, 2005
  • The part list is as follows: The seats are not perfect, rear one (backrest) is cracked on the top, they are tan color, not electric, leather and from a 85+ 535. The door panels are in perfect condition, tan leater, The boot (trunk) lid, Complete A/C system including heater core and evaporator, A/C condenser (with fan) and compresor, Set of tailights (crome, some lightbulb sockets...
    Angel Rodriguez Aug 10, 2004
  • Well, Im from Puerto Rico and i am the new owner of a 88 528e. I had a 82 528e that I prudly drove for more than 15 years, and was later replaced by a E36 3 series. But I never got rid of the 82 528e, wich was left rusting in the rain for years, but now the black on black 88 528e is sitting in the garage and the E36 is now in the rain : ). So me and my son riped the complete...
    Angel Rodriguez Aug 5, 2004