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  • any cheap way 2 get my old paint off the car and 2 get a cheap paint job --- bmwe28@^$1 wrote: > Regards to all reading, > > I have been on a quest to find an ecu that's chippable for a 1984 533i. > The thing runs SAA(scalded ass ape) now but that's not enough. > Apparently the ecu was produced in two generations; the first ecu > generation having five identical chips in the place...
    GERARD POLITE Jul 11, 2006
  • u may just need 2 change ur tranny filter and or gasket just a thought maybe someone else has another solution .... Kits arent that expensive --- bmwe28@^$1 wrote: > Hi everyone, > > I think the 3-spd auto tranny in my '83 520i might be leaking ATF: > changing up is sluggish, there's a 'burnt' smell when I get out of the > car, and a bit of white smoke floating around when I stop...
    GERARD POLITE Feb 17, 2006