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  • Beautiful car! I love the black interior looks great! --- In bmwe28@^$1, "Angel Rodriguez" wrote: > Well, Im from Puerto Rico and i am the new owner of a 88 528e. I > had a 82 528e that I prudly drove for more than 15 years, and was > later replaced by a E36 3 series. > > But I never got rid of the 82 528e, wich was left rusting in the > rain for years, but now the black on black...
    I, Ludeking Aug 5, 2004
  • In california most call them beemers...but in boston they call them bimmers!!Preferences differ! I just say BMW since I couldnt afford a new one and I dont want to sound snobby....regardless of price I think the e28 is the best looking BMW anyway!
    I, Ludeking Aug 5, 2004
  • I get it now! that light is just that...a light! unfortunately the key doesnt unlock the doors with a push of a button like I thought.... also my drivers side lock wont accept the key so I guess I need to change the keyhole....
    I, Ludeking Jul 21, 2004
  • Heck, I dont know. The key has a hole in the front and there were some broken wire debris inside that I pulled out after I got it home, the battery inside was rusted....I just assumed that the wire stuff was an LED..I put a picture of the key in the photo album next to my car under ('85 528e) Thanks...
    I, Ludeking Jul 20, 2004
  • Checked ebay but I could only find key blanks that had No electronics inside... the doors unlock automatically when I turn off the ignition and I would like to lock my doors without having to do it by hand all the time...Ill keep looking though...anyone know what color/size LED goes into the key? Thanks
    I, Ludeking Jul 20, 2004
  • Hi folks, I bought a 1985 528e with power locks but the key is damaged and doesnt have the LED( small light) or a battery inside does anyone know what I can do to repair or replace the key...I havent had any luck with locksmiths...is there a way i can just buy a new LED and stick that in there ..will that work...? Thanks for any input...keep motorin'!
    I, Ludeking Jul 20, 2004
  • Thanks for the info... I couldnt see the attachment but Im gonna try 1.5 right after payday....I still wonder if thats just a standard Little LED bulb or what? what color is yours ? Happy driving!!
    I, Ludeking May 24, 2004
  • My key for my auto locking system needs a new LED it was broken when I bought it and also has no battery inside ..does any one know what size battery and/or light I can use to rebuild my key?
    I, Ludeking May 23, 2004
  • I am restoring an '85 e28 ....my brake lights are not working and Ive narrowed it down to the wiring. Real trouble is I have found an alarm system installed under the steering column panel board...is this a standard alarm? Its not working I cant find it in OEM and the odd looking smaller unit next to the alarm ends in cut wires!? The wires are cut close to the device except the...
    I, Ludeking Apr 24, 2004
  • my 528e has a leaky AT cooling hose I ordered a new one but the old one doesnt come off in the same place?!!? it looks like I have to replace the hole metal line all the way to the tranny is there something else I can do ...trip to the junk yard?
    I, Ludeking Apr 11, 2004