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  • What exactly is ready to go? I have an 86 528e that I plan on making into a sleeper of sorts with either an M30 or an S38, only I need it all motor, WIREING HARNESS, and ecu. I would buy them seperately though since I will be taking my seet time with a rebuild, unless it just had one. Thanks Jay. If anyone has done a swap like this I would love a little advice. Thank you all...
    jroalf18 Sep 6, 2004
  • I would be interested in knowing a little more about that chip for the 528e with that type of gain I would be a little more patient with my planned big six conversion! What year is your 528? Did you change injectors or exhaust or anything els? Hey you guessed it I would love some details. --- In bmwe28@^$1, "john Gieringer" wrote: > I'd be interested in knowing: > which chip you...
    jroalf18 Aug 26, 2004
  • This was the worst place to see this car, even if I don't know what it is, I know it's rare at least. It was in a wrecking yard (recycling yard, whatever), and a damn expensive one at that. I was in looking for the odd parts when the grill and head lights of an e28 caught my eye, it couldn't be a bimmer though because the hood opened forward like a Saab or something. When I got to...
    jroalf18 Aug 16, 2004
  • I'm looking into some wheel upgrades and I can't quite find the stock wheel off set anywhere, in the Bently or anywhere else. Does any one know what that would be? I need wider and taller wheels, even though the 528 isn't really a race car but whether I'm going 8 or 80mph I still tend to corner a little too hard for the 14" pizza cutters,
    jroalf18 Jul 27, 2004