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  • thanks. Have considered just making an access hole in the floor just to get it out,and have a good modification if I need to do it again down the road...as for the e30 guys, I was there for quite awhile,but since I don't quite "fit in" I left,too much riducule and torment due to the fact I don't want to have a ride thats common.And I refuse to spend alot of money on stuff I can...
    Roosevelt Carter Apr 13, 2009
  • Thanks Mark. Believe it or not,I found the car in a small town in Oklahoma. I know in the states it is hard to get information,and in my imediate area,I own the oldest BMW's. I am looking at another e28 that is in better shape than my Td,(86 eta)..old man says 350 dollars,clean title,and around 177k miles,ran 4 years ago. Before I jump though,I want to cover my investments,so that...
    Roosevelt Carter Apr 11, 2009
  • ok,New in the group (thanks moderator!!) Finally got my hands ona 524Td! Car is clean,and over the years the prior owner was so caring,he even documented the fuel,and cost every time he went to the station...since he bought the car in 85. All looks good,and I have one issue stopping me in getting the lil' beast to start...I can't get the starter out! I have been working on the e34...
    Roosevelt Apr 10, 2009