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  • Thanks for the lead on the group. Right now I am looking for engine and transmission drivetrain information, but like all vintage cars that I have invested time into, just as soon as you start to work on one system, the other systems get jealous and want you to work on them also. I expect when I am done, I will have worked on all of it. From: bmwe28@^$1 [mailto:bmwe28@^$2] On...
    James Edmiston Aug 19, 2010
  • Who has suggestions for a repair manuals for a 1988 E28 series M5? Is there such an item? I can't seem to come across any publication that has information on the engine or transmission.
    jve55 Aug 17, 2010
  • Anyone have any information on the clutch system? Seems that I have lost all pressure in mine. The car is an '88 M5. Am I correct in that the clutch system is the same as all other E28 series? Are there any manuals online or in print that can assist in determining what has failed? My thinking is the master cylinder is culprit, but I would like to start with manual before I take her...
    jve55 Jul 12, 2010