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  • hi all members im looking this part [url=http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aV1NI3JJ][img] http://www.postimage.org/aV1NI3JJ.jpg[/img][/url] or one set this part(new) [url=http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aV1NI6dS][img] http://www.postimage.org/aV1NI6dS.jpg[/img][/url]
    leealong74 Jul 7, 2008
  • Hi my master pump buster broken.when i push the brake pad sound the air at buster.where i can get this part ? my e28 year 82-83 inside malaysia.model 528.i think replace the master pump repairkit.maybe oilseal broken.2 screw and aluminium body
    leealong74 Jul 2, 2008
  • Hi all members Im from malaysia.have one e28 520i auto 1989.my problem fuel, oil press and temperature meter its not working why ? did have any problem with switch board ? and i think i want lets go my e28 and then take the e28 manual.my e28 with ABS brake. tq all members
    leealong74 Sep 7, 2007
  • hi everyone im from malaysia i've got 520i e28 in 1988 i got problem to my viper arm its crack and then evrything in meter its no good any body else know about that ? and then where i can get the viper arm ? im try to ask to half cut shop they said this part too old model.they try to find it. if you all have the viper arm or boot spoiler (rubber) for e28 or e30 please help me...
    ramlee rosdi Jan 14, 2007
  • hi everybody im from malaysia i want to know how much the this BMW price ? And then where i can get the rubber spoiler ? can you all send to me the BMW 520i e28 photos thank you so much (sorry my speaking english)
    leealong74 Oct 30, 2006