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  • I am looking for a flywheel for my 83 528e with a manual transmission...
    elswwjd316 Aug 19, 2010
  • ...trying to get the car drivble for him to use it for school. All suggestions and help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Ed Stodghill lone.antelope.ranch@^$1 --- In bmwe28@^$2, "Jeff Schlenker" wrote: > > The fact that it runs means the TDC sensor is functional. Either the engine...
    elswwjd316 Aug 17, 2010
  • Have completed converting the car from automatic to manual 5 speed. Ignition timing is still off after replacing both sensors on bell housing and having them set by a shop. Low power, hard starting and occasional backfire.....
    elswwjd316 Aug 16, 2010