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  • Not to difficult with the right equipment / tools however be carefull pulling the pump out it get's stuck sometimes on the O-ring make sure the new seal is carefully inserted back when you return the assembly. Mike Geidt --- In bmwe28@^$1, Brett Peavey wrote: > > how difficult is it to dropthe automatic tranny and > change the ATF pump? > > Brett Peavey > Microwave Component...
    mageidt Dec 9, 2006
  • Hi, It could be a temperature sensor that is giving you this trouble their input signal is vital to have the electronic engine controller give the right signals to this valve, so I suggest check all temperature sensors make sure they are functioning normal. Reg. Mike --- In bmwe28@^$1, "Arny K." wrote: > > Hello all, > > I'm confused by the functioning of the auxiliary air valve on...
    mageidt Sep 7, 2005
  • Hi... I live in the Philippines and I have a 528e mod 86 close to your old girl... I just had a timing belt brake on me and it bend pretty mutch all my exhaus valves but luckily nothing else I took the head of myself and replaced all 12 valves the timing belt and was able to return the original head gasket belive it or not... the original head gasket's can be re-used again they are...
    mageidt Jun 9, 2005