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  • Hello all. A belated many thanks for the ideas re brakes & fuel pump. The brakes were cured with a new bomb and the fuel pump decided to work properly all on its own! Must say that Elvet BMW in Durham have been brilliant, especially Ian in the parts department.
    markyboy2105112 Sep 22, 2006
  • Hi all. Been a while since the old girl gave me any trouble, but went shopping this afternoon and she refused to start. Called the AA out, checked it over and discovered I'd lost power to the fuse. Anyone any ideas? Cheers. Markyboy
    markyboy2105112 Aug 21, 2006
  • Hi. Just a quick update. I've now replaced 3 vacuum hoses which were bodged by a previous owner (can't understand why, the bodges must have cost more than the proper bits!) and opened the air valve (suppose it had been closed to make up for all the air getting in through the vacuum pipes) and she now ticks over a lot better. Still a bit lumpy, but once above 1000revs, she's as...
    markyboy2105112 May 4, 2006