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  • --- In bmwe28@^$1, redhelmet36 wrote: > > my 1987 528i has been sat on the driveway for two years and due to > work and family i will never get it on the road again. i have decided > to break it for parts . is there anyone out there intrested in parts > from it . > are you in the UK or the USA?
    yp_paul_lawton Feb 10, 2007
  • Hello, I'm Paul from Lawton, Oklahoma, USA. I have been getting this group's daily email digest for a while and have found the advice very useful. I have a problem that I feel that you all can help me with. I have a 1983 528e and the heater does not blow warm air. I have heard that this may be a solenoid, but have not been able to find anything conclusive. The blower works, but...
    yp_paul_lawton Dec 4, 2006