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  • Yeah! We on't want yer kind around here! Judean People's Front!? Bloody splitters! We're the People's Front of Judea! On 3/30/06, oneshot179@^$1 wrote: > > yes can we just shut up talking about 8 series models > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Eric Pommerer Mar 30, 2006
  • Ahem ... > To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: > bmwe28-unsubscribe@^$1 [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Eric Pommerer Mar 30, 2006
  • If it isn't blue and isn't white, what other colors isn't the smoke? Eric P. On 10/13/05, conman565 wrote: > > Hey all, I've got a little bit of a problem with a 528e. The car > starts right up, but it smokes...a lot. The smoke isnt blue or white, > and I've replaced to O2 sensor, it helped margianly (spelling). Also, > it dosn't want to idle and sometimes will allmost "chug" but...
    Eric Pommerer Oct 18, 2005
  • BMW's site is a royal pain in the @$. If you want parts information without having to fill out four different consumer profile forms and create three different user IDs each with differing password criteria, go to: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/select.do Eric P. On 10/1/05, Ed MacVaugh wrote: > > This information is now available free online at: > > > > > You have to sign up and some...
    Eric Pommerer Oct 3, 2005
  • Have you tried listening from above with the hood up? Pivot bearing at the top of one of the struts? Hence hard to isolate when listening from below? These make nice snap, crackle, pop once they're gone. Just a hunch. Eric P. On 8/29/05, Doug Dykaar wrote: > Oh wise and mighty list, I beseech thee: Remove the evil spirits that > inhabit my e28 535i steering linkage!
    Eric Pommerer Aug 29, 2005
  • Someone's created an online version. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/select.do It would appear they've harnessed the ETK database to this website. All the same images, part No.s etc. Eric P. On 7/14/05, Carl Jones wrote: > Just wondering if anyone can suggest another place besides www.bavauto.com > that would sell the BMW Mobile Traditions CD-ROM that Eric mentions below?
    Eric Pommerer Jul 14, 2005
  • Carl, If the CD parts catalogue you're referring to is the BMW Mobile Traditions CD-ROM (PN 72 00 0 035 315, I believe) then it makes for a fantastic resource. It runs about $45 US here in the states and is apparently avaialable over the counter at dealerships in addition to the usual mail-order places like Bavauto.com To quote Bavauto, "Contains complete parts listings for Isetta...
    Eric Pommerer Jul 8, 2005
  • When I lived in Germany, most cars didn't have series/size badging. I guess they're not so image consious as us Yanks though it was a little frustrating as a young "carspotter" I'm for the unbadged / Euro / Sleeper look. Eric P. On 5/29/05, Scott Gamble wrote: > Silly question about badging.
    Eric Pommerer Jun 2, 2005
  • Doug, When you say 'Bolt' are you referring to the pin? Is it even necessary to remove that in order to drop/pull the subframe bush? Steve, Did you have to lower the subframe free and clear of the pin or did you pull the pin in order to use your puller? Thanks, Eric On 5/16/05, Steve wrote: > ...just wait till you try removing the bushings! > The reason I picked my first e28 up as...
    Eric Pommerer May 17, 2005