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  • I'm pretty sure one goes to the distributor advance, another goes to the charcoal canister. [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Rick Jun 3, 2007
  • I seem have a problem with my check control. I recently replaced the motor with another and the sump was different. On this one the oil level sensor is through the side, not from underneath as the previous one. While at the wreckers yesterday getting an oil cooler off an E23 I noticed it had the same sensor, so I got that as well. Anyway, since putting this motor in, the check...
    Rick Feb 17, 2007
  • Question for the guru's out there. Is it easier (or even possible) to remove the engine and trans (manual) as one unit or is it easier to unbolt the engine and gearbox and just remove the engine? The book I have only says the latter. Many thanks in advance, Rick.
    Rick Dec 20, 2006
  • Hi there, Guy. Firstly, please don't go putting Bon Ami into the engine if you want it to last. Usually these 'fixes' are used to bed in a motor quickly, but not necessarily done if you want the motor to last. If the motor was indeed rebuilt with new pistons and rings and a quality re-bore, the running-in procedure should be no different to any other new motor. Drive it around for...
    Rick Dec 13, 2006
  • The best way I found was similar to below. Put the car up on stands, then take the pressure off the shock by jacking up under the lower arm. Cheers. john holst wrote: > > Hi the best way to remove the rear shocks ,would be raise the car so > the rear hub has no > weight bearing down on it ,but have a block close under the hub so to > support it when the shock > seperates. (don't...
    Rick Nov 27, 2006