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  • Any members in the Sydney are wanting a 528i as a donor car are invited to contact me as I need to dispose of my car. Sadly it has blown a head gasket, which was the last straw. It is not in great shape - was recently side-swiped on the driver's side while parked on the street, the result was a long scratch with denting along the side as if a screwdriver had been used, and the...
    Ross Bernie Jun 22, 2009
  • Hi. I'm a new member in Sydney, Australia. Just in the process of reading past posts in the hope they may answer some of my questions. My experience may help answer Rob's question. I have just bought my first BMW 6 weeks ago - a 1984 E28 528i automatic 220,000km in fair to good but not perfect condition. The dealer was wanting a quick sale so I got it for the trade-in value he gave...
    Ross Bernie Feb 12, 2006