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  • I want: 1.) left side passenger door ashtray (assuming it is vintage 81-88 model year e28) 2.) a coolant sensor (in the cap of the coolant overflow bottle) 3.) trunk carpeting 4.) headlight switch and bracket (insert) 5.) fog light switch and bracket (insert) 6.) rear-window defroster on/off button 7.) the plastic button on the fold-down arm-rest pivot for the front passenger seat...
    Robert Booth Feb 10, 2006
  • I'm looking for the center console (heater controls and stereo housing) for a 528e (mine is 1987). Have you completely parted out your car yet? Also, I need an ashtray for the left rear passenger door and the headlight switch module. How is your dashboard foam? If I can find an uncracked dashboard I might be interested in it. --- In bmwe28@^$1, Tom Ferretti wrote: > > Hello There...
    rpboothe Jan 28, 2006