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  • I currently live in Gresham Oregon, but I am moving to North Phoenix on June 6th. I have a 1986 535i with 129K miles. I want to take the car with me, but I fear that it wont be able to handle the hot temp. My water temp goes high when I am sitting at idle, but once I get moving it goes down. Any advice as to what I can do to help keep this car cool. Do you think it could even make...
    scottmaxey1982 Apr 23, 2005
  • I have a 1986 535i, that I have had for about a year. The radio has always had problems. It will turn off and come back on at various times. Sometimes very often, sometimes nothing happens for a month. I have replaced the radio. The only thin I noticed is when the radio goes off, the Break Light Check Comes on. So the other day, The break light check came on, the radio stopped, and...
    scottmaxey1982 May 10, 2004
  • I have a 86 535i, and I want to install rear headrest. I know that some Canadian E28's came standard with them, and the M5 has them, I think. So I found 2 rear headrests from a 84 733i. Does anyone know if these will work in my car, and does anyone know the steps to installing them? Thanks in advance for any help, Scott
    scottmaxey1982 Mar 28, 2004
  • --- In bmwe28@^$1, "tdenton120" wrote: > hey everyone, I just got my 528e running, and am now going to worry > about the way it looks now that it's running. Does anyone know where > a good body kit for sale is?I'm lookin for everything, front back and > sides. any help would be appreciated. thanks. Hey, check www.bavauto.com/ They have body kits for E28 and watch E- bay, you can...
    scottmaxey1982 Mar 24, 2004
  • I own a 1986 535i, and in about 4 months, I am going on a short vacation. I want to take 2 bikes with me. I was hoping to find someone who has information on a rack that will fit on the roof. Thanks in advance for any information.
    scottmaxey1982 Mar 10, 2004