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  • Hi guys, Help!! Turn signals and wipers both quit working at the same time. When I use either one of the above mentioned controls, the diagnostic lights (panel above rear view mirror that tells you low oil, bulbs out, low coolant etc.) light up randomly, as well as the yellow flashing warning light on the dash. These lights will then not reset with the button on the upper panel...
    Scott Roberts Jul 6, 2006
  • Having the same problem, with my 82, did a post a month ago and got no response, if you hear what it is from anyone let me know. Sorry I couldn't be more help.... Scott Roberts 82 528e, 230K miles --- In bmwe28@^$1, "carlosmciver" wrote: > > hello all, i would like to know if anyone can help me figure out to > get my idle to stay at a steady level. a few seconds after start up...
    Scott Roberts May 22, 2006
  • Hi all, Just read the thread re: fuel pressure regulator, I am am having some irregular idle stuff myself. I call it my "cyclical idle" - seems to change idle rpm's in a cycle. looking at the tach, will go up and down approx. 100 rpms in about a 2 second interval, (up a couple seconds, down a couple seconds, over and over) does it warm, does it cold, doesn't matter. I have also...
    humpfnumps Apr 18, 2006
  • I'm sure this is posted somewhere but I can't find it, I have an 82 528e with the "old style" (2-post, 1 for volume 1 for tuning) radio. I have the code, but how do I enter it on the radio? The radio manual says it is a "type III" but doesn't give instructions for entering the code. Thanks, Scott Roberts
    humpfnumps Oct 6, 2005
  • Had another member tell me to check out mye28.com, I will scope it out. Found the air intakes at Bav. auto works.com, I swear they were not there the last time I looked, but must have done something wrong. Thanks, Scott '82 528e
    humpfnumps Jan 21, 2005
  • My wife found an 82 528e sitting on the side of the road for sale and fell in love with it, bought it before Christmas for 700 bucks. 228,000 miles, runs great, shifts great, so far so good... A couple things: Any one know where I can find the manual crank access cover for the sunroof? (Little plastic plate that snaps in to cover that "hole" in the headliner, dark Blue interior...
    Scott Roberts Jan 19, 2005