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  • Sami, The exhaust on my 525e (also UK) seems very stable - as soon as is stops raining/hailing/snowing i'll shove my head underneath for a look for you and see how mine is mounted. I know for certain that just before the rear axle there should be 2 rubber rings holding the centre section up (had to replace one for the last MOT). Phil --- In bmwe28@^$1, phatbimma wrote: > > hi there...
    Phil Howard Mar 19, 2007
  • I recently let the battery go completely flat on my 86 525e; ever since I recharged the battery I've got most of the service indicator lights on, the tacho, temp gauge and economy meter don't work either. Checked the instrument fuse and its ok (have cleaned up the connections as well). Before I jump at something else, could it be the instrument pack batteries? Will they eventually...
    Phil Howard Jan 21, 2007