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  • Just a quick note from the uk. I've done a lot of research on this ... its only a problem with poorly maintained transmissions where various bushes,etc get very slightly worn and allow a little bit too much oil to seep past, leading to an unwanted pressure buildup behind the front clutch pack. (Later 4hp22 boxes had a small drain hole drilled in a certain place to overcome this...
    Steve Jan 20, 2007
  • Aha!! That made you look ... thats the badge i have on the tailgate of my E28 ... a nice 516i. Although under the bonnet i have: Euro ETA crankshaft / rods / flat top pistons running 11.0:1 compression. Euro **** 731 large port head from a 323i. (**** 200 castings are a waste of time imho). Complete valve gear from a euro 325i (slightly lower power band than older 323i). Custom air...
    Steve May 31, 2005
  • I'm currently modifying my 525e ... i've owned her for 8 years. I want to build a hybrid engine ... i already have a euro 11.0:1 block and a couple of early 323i heads. Also i'm converting from auto to manual ... i have all the bits neccesary. But before all this happens, i am removing the "untuneable" motronic v1.0 and am fitting L-jetronic .... which will have an old style...
    Steve Dodds Dec 27, 2004