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  • The torsion bars for the trunk/boot of my new E28 are missing. I'm thinking gas struts could be fitted? Anyone ever seen this done successfully? Thanks in advance. Paolo 525E 1988
    straightforthesun Oct 14, 2007
  • I was sold a BMW M535i - the guy has been a complete **** and didn't forward me any history, receipts, etc. and is now uncontactable. The mileage is stuck at 88k and I'd love to try and get some history for it. Is there anything the UK dealers/network can do? Cheers, Paolo. TIB 8966
    straightforthesun Mar 9, 2007
  • ...Perfect show car - it really is amazing and deserves an enthusiast for a new owner. Serious enquiries only, please email for photos - straightforthesun@^$1
    straightforthesun Jul 12, 2006