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  • Thanks for your help, Gil. I have replaced the brake bomb about 6 months ago, because I thought the brake pedal was lacking a bit of 'vacuum assist' (I know this system isn't the same as other makes but it felt that way to me). The brake bomb didn't make any difference and I assumed that was just how the brakes were meant to feel. I also tried what you said. The brake lights stay...
    R & T Bull Jul 17, 2008
  • Thanks Gil, the engine has good vacuum and will stall straight away when the dipstick is pulled. Got my wife to pump the brake pedal while I listened and there is a definite vacuum leak coming from the master cylinder, corresponding with the engine losing vacuum. I am now thinking the pressure from the brake bomb is leaking back through the master cylinder, but I'm still not sure...
    Richard Jul 17, 2008
  • Have a problem with my '82 E28 528i (Euro RH drive). The idle has been really erratic lately, have tried just about every idle problem cure I know with these L-Jets and the problem remains. I have finally traced it down to the brake pedal. Strange, yes? If the car is idling and I pump the brake pedal, the idle gets worse and worse until eventually (after about 10 pumps) it stalls...
    Richard Jul 17, 2008
  • Hi, it could just be your battery is low on charge or on it's way out. The same thing happened to mine. The door locks wouldn't lock properly and my electric aerial would go up on accessories, then start going down on start. This happened for months until I got a new battery. Now everything works as it should, even the lights are brighter!
    R & T Bull May 14, 2008
  • Check that the fan is working well and not being restricted in any way which may increase it's load. sometimes worn bearings cause this. Don't decrease the fuse rating. The fan is only designed to come on at high temperature or when the aircon is switched on. Check that it is not coming on all the time regardless.
    R & T Bull Nov 26, 2007
  • OK, pre '85 L-Jetronic 528i. Does anyone know if there is a baseline setting for the idle mixture screw? I had mine apart to sandblast the housing and can't remember how many turns it was. I have tried to tune it but I keep chasing my tail with timing settings and mixture settings. The problem is, the car is stalling when the accelerator is lifted ie. coming to lights. I can even...
    Richard Nov 12, 2007
  • Mine does the same thing but with the number plate warning. Both the globes are OK and work. The system measures the current across the globes and when they get a bit old the resistance through them increases, which sometimes is enough to set off the warning. Try cleaning the contacts and changing the globes, making sure they are the correct rating and give that a go.
    R & T Bull Oct 26, 2007
  • " metric tyres are superior to imperial in performance handerling and ride" What a load of $#!T Whether the tyre is measured in Metric or imperial measurements has no bearing on it's performance as a tyre.
    R & T Bull Sep 13, 2007