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  • -What price range are you looking for? I have an 528e 85 in Tenessee thats in pretty hood shape. No rust I have quite a bit into the restoration, but my health is not that good and I can't work on her as much as I like -- In bmwe28@^$1, Blake Nancarrow wrote: > > 528e fans... > > The old girl is dying. I can't seem to repair her fast enough... Just > put new tires on the beast but...
    Tery Wood Sr. Mar 13, 2007
  • I have an e28 528e the will crank, but won't start. I am getting no power to the fuel pump or the distribitor. I was wondering if there was an inertia switch or main relay that would cause this. Any Ideas would be helpfull. Getting really close to getting everything fixed and now this. It ran fine, my wife put gas in it and when I tried to start it five minuts later nothing.
    Tery Wood Sr. Feb 22, 2007
  • Sounds like you have a short in your Battery. As soon as you place a load on the unit it will arc over and kill everything. This is caused by the plates in the battery either cracking or touching each other. if you can get it running again and drive it to a auto store, they should be able to check it for you. Cold weather is a big cause of this. I hope this helps...
    Tery Wood Sr. Feb 10, 2007
  • --- In bmwe28@^$1, "ricmullaly" wrote: >Sound like you are going through the same process I did with my 85, Fo me it was a clogged fuel sock in the tank. It ended up blowing the pmp befor I was able to fix the problem. You can check it by going into the trunk open the panel, then taking out the fuel pump assy. the sock will caos about 10 to 20 euros, fuel pump usually over 100 > Hi...
    Tery Wood Sr. Nov 10, 2006
  • Okay I replaced the starter now clutch will not engage, I then replaced the master and slave clynders and bled the system. the clutch pedal feels a bit soft, but will travel the full throw length. When the car is not running I can put the clutch in and go through all the gears, if I try and start the car in gear it will jump. Like I said everything was working fine when I parked it...
    Tery Wood Sr. Jun 13, 2006
  • I have a 84 528, and just replaced the starter, now the clutch will not work. Everthing was working just fine when I pulled it in. I am trying to restore this car and was wondering if anyone could help...
    Tery Wood Sr. Jun 12, 2006