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6988#LoveBorough fundraiser for traders

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  • amfm8100
    Jun 10, 2017

      Hi neighbours, 

      I know that like us, many of you have felt in turns, scared, angry, sad and defiant as a result of last weekend's attack on our beautiful neighbourhood. It's been amazing to see people come together in support of the Borough that we love. 

      While it has affected us all personally in so many ways, for those whose livelihoods depend on the market itself, the recovery has another added financial dimension. Closed now for a week, the traders, staff and owners at the Market need our help. 

      Even if you just give what you might have spent on coffee at Monmouth this week (for my husband, that's a lot!), please give what you can. Our community needs our support. 

      Here's the link to the campaign:


      Much love and solidarity, Alisha