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7047Re: [boroughbabies] TEN YEARS of BB - NEW ADMINS NEEDED! Are YOU a newish parent?

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  • Ilona Ludewig Mack
    Aug 7, 2017

      Ditto - Absolutely NOT OBSOLETE - a great forum - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Borough Babies!


      On 07/08/2017 13:20, Marine Bernier marinebernier@... [boroughbabies] wrote:

      Waouuu 10 years....
      This is a good opportunity to tell you THANK YOU! 
      You saved my life in Borough 10 years ago as I got all my info to get out with my kids thanks to this site! 
      Have a good summer Jessica. 

      De : "jessicaevershed@... [boroughbabies]" <boroughbabies@...>
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      Envoyé le : Lundi 7 août 2017 12h10
      Objet : [boroughbabies] TEN YEARS of BB - NEW ADMINS NEEDED! Are YOU a newish parent?

      TEN years ago I set up this group when my first child was a baby and I was setting up post-natal meetings for other parents and babies. Before Facebook (!) and way before WhatsApp; it was a great way to contact other local parents, share info and news, and make friends. Over the years we've set up baby groups, meetings, and campaigned for a few different SE1 issues.

      I'm still an admin even though my kids are 11 and 9, and so is Claire Maugham; but our other admin Hattie has left SE1 recently. Thanks for your help Hattie!

      SO: to continue the group in a meaningful way we need help. (It may be that we are obsolete to social media nowadays and nobody needs us....)

      Is anyone with young children interested in being an admin? You don't have to be tech savvy at all:

      If you are interested in getting involved - and perhaps have a new baby or younger children - we'd REALLY love to hear from you. We moderate all messages on Boroughbabies (including our own) - but you don't have to be techy to do this - we get an email when there is a message - and we either hit 'reply' to approve, or select a link to decline or request a change to a message. We have an informal policy on what is appropriate for the group.

      As the families of original members have grown Boroughbabies has of course grown too - and now has a wide range of members (over 700 of them) - and corresponding discussions from more seasoned parents as well as an ongoing and healthy intake of new parents.

      We want to retain our vision as a hyperlocal group for parents of young children, and an injection of fresh input, opinions and expertise should see us stay a useful and informative forum. It would be great if more stuff about baby groups and events was shared, if you have an event do post on the forum.

      Please contact us for more information if you are interested
      Jessica Evershed

      Founder, Boroughbabies

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