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    1 Nov

      Borough Babies is fully moderated ��� which means each message is read by a team
      of moderators before being sent to the group. Please help us keep Borough
      Babies a vibrant and useful local forum (and minimize our workload) by reading
      the following.

      1. If your reply to a message is intended only for one person, and not of
      interest to the whole list, please send it OFF-LIST to the ORIGINAL AUTHOR ONLY.
      To do this, click `forward' instead of `reply' and then cut and paste the
      original author's email address into your `To' box.

      2. Please respect confidences on the list - do not forward messages elsewhere
      without the permission of the author. At the same time, remember that ANYBODY
      can join this list, and that messages posted here can be found via Google
      searches - so don't regard your postings here as confidential.

      3. Please don't initiate or enter into group discussions about the relative
      merits (or otherwise) of particular nurseries or schools. Members can recommend
      childminders, babysitters and nannies, but again should not engage in group
      discussion of their relative merits. We do not allow self-advertising of
      childcare services by childminders or nannies by email to the group.
      Childminders and nannies can upload their CVs to the `document' section of the
      website, where members can browse through them.

      4. Members can offer child-related items for sale at reasonable prices or to
      give away to group members. This service is offered on a `reasonable usage'
      basis, ie occasional posts only. You could consider using www.freecycle.org to
      find homes for unwanted baby equipment ��� the users of that group are often in
      real financial hardship.

      5. Please don't use the group to advertise non-family related services or to
      place adverts on behalf of friends. We would prefer to keep group advice to
      recommendations of local providers you have personally used and can really vouch

      6. When replying to a message on the list, please delete most of the old
      message, leaving just a few lines to show what you're replying to. This stops
      the daily digest filling up with repeated material.

      7. If you are a journalist or market researcher wanting to contact the group,
      please email the moderators with your request.

      Thank you very much��� Any questions, please get in touch!

      Borough Babies co-moderators
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      Jessica Evershed jessicaevershed@...
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