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2599Re: [british_galls] Ulmus gall [1 Attachment]

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  • kmharris@lineone.net
    11 Sep
      Hello Jerome

      That is a good image of galls of Physemocecis ulmi. A single larva develops inside each leaf pustule gall. 
      Dasineura ulmicola larvae develop on the underside of small dimples in the leaf and simply drop off when fully fed. P. ulmi is most frequently recorded and D. ulmicola is less well known and is considered to be very rare in Europe.. Both species are included in British Plant Galls.

      Keith Harris
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      Date: 11/09/2017 7:01
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      Hello everybody,
      One gall found this week on Ulmus minor.
      I think of Physemocecis ulmi but as i've never seen this gall before I'm not sure.
      Could it be Dasineura ulmicola and what is the clear difference betweem the two ?


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