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2600Re: [british_galls] Meadowsweet vein galls?

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  • jill cunningham
    12 Sep

      Hi Keith

      Many many thanks for your ID and help - I had loads of photos to ID from a long visit to Scotland (no internet or microscope there), and this one was really bugging me - now I know.  



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      Hi Jill

      These excellent images are leaf vein pouch galls of  Dasineura  undescribed species B on Filipendula ulmaria. They are illustrated in Fig. 333 in the second edition of British Plant Galls and additional information is given in my article published in Cecidology 25 No 1 in 2010. The species remains without formal description and naming, despite the fact that the galls were described from Germany almost a century ago in 1918. The only published record of this species in Scotland is from Loch Lomond in 2008 by Carl Farmer.

      Dasineura harrisoni is a distinct, named species, that induces fleshy multilocular galls on stems and leaves at the base of affected Filipendula ulmaria plants. There seems to be only one good record of it in the UK, in County Antrim last year.

      Keith Harris

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      I spotted these on Meadowsweet in The Wood of Cree, Dumfries and Galloway - are they likely to be the un-named/dasineura harrisonii that's been on an earlier topic? (I have no samples, just photos  - and the earlier topic photos look similar)......... Any thoughts would be helpful......

      Jill Cunningham

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