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- Join us for a FREE weekend of quality training! October in Central London

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    Join us for a FREE weekend of quality training!1st & 2nd
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2011
      Free Certificate
      Join us for a FREE weekend of quality training!
      1st & 2nd October 2011 - Central London

      and Gain your

      Certificate in Hypnosis & NLP Skills 

      Contemporary College is excited to offer you an entirely FREE Weekend of Certified training in 'Hypnosis & NLP Skills', where you will learn an amazing array of innovative techniques and strategies that will take your personal mastery of communication, and life, to an entirely new level!

      "Training with CCTS is a life changing experience and that is something that money just can't buy!" - N.H - Essex. 

      On these 2 days of training you can discover what using Hypnosis & NLP can do for you, and how you could help others using some of the most powerful methods for change available today.

      We will guide you through a personal journey of discovery which will show you why so many people are adding to their current work skills, moving into a career change, or simply taking control of their lives by knowing how they and others communicate.

      Making a change, with the right people!

      We so often hear from people wanting to learn Hypnotherapy, NLP and Psychotherapy, and one of the most common questions we hear is 'With so many training providers, how do I know you are the right one?"

      We fully appreciate this question, as all of us at Contemporary College asked the same question when we sought out our training providers, which is why we want you to come and experience our training, before you commit to anything, totally free of charge. No commitment, just a weekend of training you can enjoy, learn from, and take away with you to make a change.

      "CCTS has provided me with fantastic training which has equipped me with the tools I needed to become a full time therapist. Their unique brand of training has been a truly life changing experience; both challenging and progressive." - R.S - Leicester.
      What you will learn

      Our training methods are designed to offer the most rewarding learning experiences. Over these 2 days we will cover a range of theories, practical demonstrations and experiential exersises that will instil a real sense of confidence in how to apply the skills and techniques you will learn.

      You will experience

      The most up to date Hypnosis & NLP Strategies for human communication, such as:

      • Advanced exercises for helping you achieve deep states of hypnotic relaxation. 
      • Hypnotic inductions to suit all types of people.
      • Hypnotic Suggestibility tests to find out how you process information. 
      • Eye Modality Accessing Cues to guide you into the right way to assimilate information.
      • Hypnotic and NLP language Patterns, which will change your communication with others forever. 
      • Outcome Reprogramming to make the way you achieve your goals effortless.
      • Testing Strategies that will make sure your goals will come to fruition without complications. 
      • Framing Positions of perception, that will help you to see others perspectives with a degree of accuracy previously unheard of.

      How this will help you

      The 2 Day Certificate in Hypnosis & NLP Skills will not only help you in your understanding of yourself, but will help you deal with others in a variety of places, such as business, education and in social situations in a way you never thought possible.

      Continuing Professional Development - CPD

      You can even use this course for Continuing Professional Development. A Certificate in Hypnosis & NLP Skills will be awarded at the end of course to all delegates, which counts for 11 hours of taught CPD training.

      To Book your course

      Our next FREE 2 day Certificate Course in Hypnosis & NLP Skills is running in:

      Euston Square Hotel, Central London 
      on the 1st & 2nd October 2011 - 10am to 4.30pm 

      To book your place simply go to the Free Certificate Course page on our website.


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