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1418Re: : Who uses sister strings (na comhluighe) in tuning their harp a

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  • Jacqueline Lynaugh
    Feb 7, 2015
      Thank you for the reply and where can i read about giroldus and his quotes?

      I do not make harps, but can't help wondering if the purpose of the sisters was originally to set the correct central pitch for the particular harp (going way, way back) After all, each tribe had a harper and my impression is the focus was on a solo instrument, that was the pride of each tribe because it kept history and brought the tribe together. As opposed to later when harpers began traveling and playing together.

      We will never truly know since i am supposing way, way, way back but the sisters i think should be the tonal center for the instrument and come first instead of imposing a particular tone on them which could result in the instrument not sounding its best or even cracking under the pressure.

      We are now designing instruments so the sisters are a certain pitch. What if thats actually backwards and the purpose of those two strings was to set the best organic pitch for each particular harp?

      Just having fun here supposing.


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