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467Re: Cruit go n�r

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  • ckeithcollins
    Nov 10, 2006
      Hi gang!

      I wrote a few comments on the wire harp list. Rather than cross-post,
      go ye and read if you're so inclined!

      In a nutshell, the new recording is fantastic :)


      --- In clairseach@..., Simon Chadwick <simon@...> wrote:
      > Hello all, I hope you are all greedily clutching your copies of Cruit
      > go n�r by now!!! If not why not? :-) I apologise if some of you never
      > got my latest Emporium update - problems with email at this end.
      > Anyway for more info see the emporium at www.earlygaelicharp.info/
      > emporium or the harp of Gold website at www.harpofgold.net
      > Hoping that there'll be some interesting opinions on it here soon...
      > Simon
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