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576Oberflacht lyre?

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  • brendan ring
    Jan 28, 2007
      Sorry about this double post, it seems my message
      eventually came trough, I hope the other one is lost
      in cyber space!
      I think the lyre you refer too is the Oberflacht lyre
      from a 6 th or 7th century Allamanic tomb. It looks
      like its strings were probably guts and not metal.
      The angels story isvery interesting, have you any idea
      of their location?

      --- Brendan Ring <brendan2ring@...> wrote:

      > I sent this already but I think it got lost.
      > You might find this site interesting,
      > -http://apemutam.free.fr/
      > They have an article or pamphlet called " Carnyx and
      > lyres in Gaule" which I will try to get from them.
      > Their Romanesque iconography is worth a detour,
      > check
      > out the harp on the phototheque icon. They say in
      > it,
      > that harps are seldom represented in Romanesque
      > carving, I find this isn't correct as I keep coming
      > across representations, even on the corbels of my
      > local church(11th/12th century)!

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