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  • sanger_keith
    Jul 25, 2007
      Okay Simon,

      I will take the bait and play devils advocate, but personaly I much
      prefer the greater note articulation of the button as apposed to the
      more mushy sound of the piano. I have probably now insulted those
      thousands of piano accordionists that avidly read this list but since
      I failed to capitalise the devil I am probably dammed already.

      It raises a number of questions,for example what exactly is at risk,
      not Scottish,(or Irish) music for sure since both types of instrument
      were inventions of the early 19th century and probably only became
      popular in the sort of situation described in the article after the
      middle of that century, a Scottish cultural scene of no more than
      some 150 years,and the music itself seems to be in no great danger
      just now.(I wonder why the question of 'traditional' Irish banjo and
      bazouky comes to mind at this point ?).

      I am all in favour of more support for any of the folk instruments,
      but is this not also a case of cause and effect, the days of as it
      was put 'Every home used to have either a fiddle etc' were also the
      days when most music had to be performed live especially for dancing
      which was also one of the few pastimes available to most people.

      In reality the use of 'every home' sounds a little over egged,
      similar in some ways to the suggestion that in the old days every
      house in Ireland had a harp. By house it is certainly necessary to
      read 'major landed proprietors home' which would produce more
      realistic numbers, but even then the 'every' is still probably
      overdoing things.

      Best wishes, I am off to hell, or piping as I call it.


      --- In clairseach@..., Simon Chadwick <simon@...> wrote:
      > "fewer than one hundred Scottish musicians..."
      > "It is part of our culture yet we are in danger of losing it,"
      > http://tinyurl.com/yw6prv
      > Very interesting, what kind of position are we in then???
      > Simon
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