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994Re:Logan's Bonnie Woods and Braes

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  • Alasdair Codona
    Dec 28, 2008
      Dear Janet,

      You're right, it's also known as Logan Water but also under a
      plethora of other names. It's in so many editions that I'd hoped to
      find it amongst Keith Norman MacDonald's papers (if they have been
      catalogued) and circumvent having to call all the editions up in the

      The possibility I'm investigating here is that this arrangement was
      not made by Keith Norman MacDonald (and that he perhaps handed his
      publishers his own copy of it). The date of Gesto's publication is
      fairly irrelevant in relation to the bass line if his source cannot
      be dated; it might be fifty years old for example or a copy of
      another source or a copy of a copy and so on. All would be explained
      harmonically should it have come from Albyn's Anthology but I don't
      have a copy of that at hand to check if the tune in question is in
      there. Off to the library tomorrow though!



      --- In clairseach@..., "Janet Kurnick" <jkurnick@...>
      > Alasdair,
      > It is also in Gow's Vocal Melodies of Scotland under the name Logan
      Water. I
      > believe that book was published in 1822, but I am not positive
      about the
      > date as I don't see it on the cover (I have a photocopy). We're
      > Nathaniel Gow. Page 4, so I'm assuming this started out as
      something quite
      > different than a MARCH!!?? The bass line in this one is not so
      > but this is an older version. I think you were making a point
      regarding the
      > bassline of the Gesto Collection version, but that is 1895. So I'm
      not sure
      > how this all fits with theories. I have only known it previously as
      an air.
      > Very interesting.
      > Janet
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