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4078winter daysails

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  • Len Wingfield
    Aug 27, 2014
      Latest draft enclosed for approval. Will volunteers please check and speak now or forever hold thy peace.
      By copy to Liz, my apologies, I have got two daysails for February, but suggest that we leave as is. Anyway what exactly is the harm of offering two daysails per month? Members do not attend unless they want to!
      Regards, Len

      2014-15 WINTER DAYSAILS SUGGESTIONS Revision 4


      Nov 8 HW S’ton 11.40 Launch Warsash 10.30 for Calshott then Ashlett Creek

      (second HW 13.40) Contact member Len Wingfield

      Nov 22 HW Chi 10.54 Launch Itchenor 10.30 for East Head etc return on flood.

      (LW 16.16) Contact member Steve Bradwell

      Dec 13 HW Chi 15.40 Launch Bedhampton 10.30 for Sinah etc or local sailing.

      Contact member Len Wingfield

      Dec 27 HW Chi 15.22 Launch Itchenor 10.30 for Bosham and Dell Quay

      Contact member Alan Moulton

      Jan 10 HW S’ton 14.01 Launch Warsash (or Swanwick) 10.30 for Curbridge etc,

      return with ebb. Contact member David Sumner

      Feb 7 HW Chi 13.28 Launch Itchenor 10.30 for Prinstead Café.

      Contact member Alan Moulton

      Feb? Winter Meet daysail from Bedhampton or Emsworth according to tides

      Mar ? HW S’ton 11.35 GMT Southampton St Denys (Gavin’s quay, water from

      10.30 to 14.30). Northam Bridge 9.2 m above datum, 4,2m

      clearance above highest tides.

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