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8821Re: [dinghysolent] shieldhall and yacht

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  • wrjones2001
    19 Jun
      Shieldhall is still under steam, and yes is the sludge carrier from the Clyde. She's built in the 1950s but to an older design which makes her look early. In her working days on the Clyde she doubled as an excursion steamer, taking large numbers of Glaswegians on weekend day trips out to her dumping ground. Seems odd these days.
      She worked from Southampton as a sludge carrier when I was living there, and was then taken over by a trust. She's a big ship and I'm delighted she is still working.
      All her auxiliary equipment is steam powered too.
      Topper Cruz 'Arion', Linnet 'Wandle'.
      In a message dated 6/19/2017 8:06:39 A.M. GMT Summer Time, dinghysolent@... writes:

      Saw Shieldhall on Sat. Is she still under steam or converted to diesel? Is she the one which was originally a Clyde sewage carrier? Also near Hythe pier a huge sailing yacht hull, black, no name, not modern. Len

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