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9108Re: [dinghysolent] winter daysails

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  • Elizabeth Baker
    Sep 10, 2017
      I too am perplexed. Some time ago I submitted suggested amendments to Len's draft winter day-sail programme, based on what I considered to be days with better tide times. Len disagreed with most of my suggestions, but I we would welcome comments from other members, and also offers to host day-sails. If you would like to host a day-sail but don't like Len's tide times, please suggest an alternative date. Otherwise I will be committed to sending-in Len's programme as-is.

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      Sent: Saturday, 9 September 2017, 17:11
      Subject: [dinghysolent] winter daysails

      What is happening please? We are way past the bulletin deadline. I have some time ago suggested dates and made changes to meet member’s points. I am only an ordinary member, it is for Liz and/or the S.C. membership to approve for publication. What we can get into the bulletin at this stage I do not know. At least we need a reference to dinghysolent announcements.
      Perplexed of Guildford. (Len W)

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