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  • sail_and_oar
    Oct 3, 2017

      The pintle I have is for a 50 mm rudder stock and is similar to the one in Alan's picture. The pin measures 7.9 mm in diameter and is 41 mm long..

      I spoke to the farmers wife and inspected the mast today. It looks like it's OK and is the same as your previous mast.

      You can collect it from the farm any time. I've put it in old Daydreams hull. The farmer will show you where I keep my boats. The farmers name is Haynes.

      The farm's address

      Meadow Cottage Farm,
      Churt Road,

      01428 712155

      I can deliver it to your home but I'm not sure when. It won't be before the Dell Quay rally.


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      Many thanks Cliff.  I should have said that the rudder housing is 33mm wide. The pin was 3/8” (9mm) dia but a smaller one would do. The mast you have sounds identical to mine. Len
      Sent: Monday, October 2, 2017 6:02 PM
      Subject: [dinghysolent] Re:: capsize aftermath

      I think I can supply a mast. It's an aluminium one that came with the new Mirror. I haven't inspected it but noticed the wooden end plugs are cracked, not sure how deeply. The tube is probably OK. 
      Can you give any more details about the pintle you need? I have a pintle off an Enterprise rudder stock. I'm not sure what the "33mm or a little wider throat" means

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      I should have stayed within the harbour as planned. Failing that I should have waited to near slack water, and reefed, to enter Chi on the early flood. Failing that I should have aborted after sampling the entrance conditions, waiting on the East Winner sands for slack water if there were problems getting back in. Instead I carried on and capsized, getting the DCA into disrepute. I had lowered the sail to reef, was raising it and gybed. The boat tuned over but righting it with the sail down was not unduly difficult. again the boat came up awash, and even so I had difficulty in boarding, I tried bows, stern and finally got alongside on my back, put a leg over and managed to get in without capsizing it again. (I was in ordinary clothing which soaked was very heavy.) Although in an Aquapac my phone was dead. Fortunately after some time a competent motorboat crew found me and called the RNLI.
      Damage to boat: mast broken, rudder pintle snapped off and missing, tiller missing. other minor items. This time the buoyancy compartments seem to have flooded. No idea why.
      Loss of gear: phone wrecked, brand new head torch, thermos (which was a valued present to my wife by her young daughter, gumboots.
      Future plans. I ought to give up, but might carry on the way I drive – pretending there is an examiner beside, ready to fail me. I need a newer boat, might repair the old one temporarily. (need to find a pintle  3/8” pin, 33 mm or a little wider throat (CB width)  Len
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