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  • sail_and_oar
    6 Oct
      As many others have proven, launching a heavier boat can be done. The greatest difficulty I see is the lack of crew weight when sailing. This is probably the main reason I gave up sailing my Wayfarer.


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      > Re: [dinghysolent] Re:: capsize aftermath
      > Posted by: "Len Wingfield" len@...
      > len.wingfield Date: Wed Oct 4, 2017 5:25 pm
      > Tom, how would I manhandle a 16 foot Wayfarer on an awkward trailer?
      > Len

      By using the gifts that God has bestowed on you, that is your car, a
      winch and a good slipway.

      And there is no absolute requirement for the trailer to be awkward,
      though for some reason it does seem to be the norm. Isn't tradition a
      wonderful thing?

      Sail when you can, row when you must, motor only
      when you have to be at work in the morning.

      Alastair Law
      Yeovil, England.
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