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  • Anthony Chadwick
    Oct 6, 2017
      I think the biggest problem is wanting to go beyond the limits with a dinghy in the wrong conditions. I tend myself to treat my 12-foot Zef as a "poor man's yacht", but the boat is small enough and I am heavy enough to pull it off in most situations in moderate weather and tide conditions. I often ask myself what I would buy with enough money. I enjoy "gunkholing" which is where the cruising dinghy comes into its own. I sometimes wonder if a 20-22 foot ballasted bilge keeler would be better for the kind of sailing we want to do and avoid capsizing.

      I recently capsized in my 10-foot Tabur 320, but because I went out in a 23 knot wind and nasty waves (it was a friendly regatta and there was a safety boat). I was swamped and my "waterproof" chambers were not waterproof. The boat was filling with water, and then no control is possible. That boat will now only be used for inland "gunkholing" with a different rig.

      We all have to decide what is best for ourselves. I would be tempted by a Hurley 18 or 22 or an old Westerly instead of a dinghy, even a tough one such as I have. Single-handing is no problem and you stay dry and safe unless you go out in a gale!

      Anyway, this group is about dinghy sailing, so I suppose we have to watch the weather and the tide and be sure.


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      As many others have proven, launching a heavier boat can be done. The greatest difficulty I see is the lack of crew weight when sailing. This is probably the main reason I gave up sailing my Wayfarer.


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      > len.wingfield Date: Wed Oct 4, 2017 5:25 pm
      > Tom, how would I manhandle a 16 foot Wayfarer on an awkward trailer?
      > Len

      By using the gifts that God has bestowed on you, that is your car, a
      winch and a good slipway.

      And there is no absolute requirement for the trailer to be awkward,
      though for some reason it does seem to be the norm. Isn't tradition a
      wonderful thing?

      Sail when you can, row when you must, motor only
      when you have to be at work in the morning.

      Alastair Law
      Yeovil, England.