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  • Alan Moulton
    7 Oct


      Some further thoughts on a possible next boat to follow but only after some comments on your reputation and status in the DCA. We all recognise and acknowledge your wealth of experience and your outstanding sailing skills. This was obvious to me from the moment I joined (around 2009) and I have only ever heard comments of respect for you from other members who have sailed next to you. You may not realise this but I and others have been quietly learning from you for years, please don't sell yourself short.

      Now to the boat: Your requirements are becoming more clear. You want a light, stable, sit-in sailing dinghy that doesn't need a car to launch. Should sail well, probably bermudan rigged and looks are a factor. I used to own a 12' sailing dinghy designed by Percy Blandford. 5' beam, 80 sq ft sail area and very, very stable and capable it was too. It would have fitted the bill perfectly but the only problem is that I have never seen another! Also, you have shown a reluctance to go down the route of a hard chine dinghy. Which leads me to the a French design called Zef. This dinghy did in France what the Mirror did in the UK. It is 12' x 5' beam. Round bilged GRP, sit-in, built-in buoyancy and bermudan rigged and reportedly very stable. It is hugely popular in France. Anthony Chadwick (DCA Member living in France) sails one with a Mirror rig on it and reports that it sails well under this configuration.

      The statistics look right although I have never even seen one up close let alone sailed one. However, it might be worth you chatting to Anthony to get his views before figuring out whether it is worth trying to find one. See the link below.


      I had the most amazing stroke of luck today, that of finding a dinghy hull for only fifty euros – and close to my home. It and several others are being sold by an association specialising in …


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      Alistair’s suggestion to use a heavier boat and concrete ramp launching has merit but 1) I like to launch from traditional hards. 2) My driving might just get me through the Driving Test again, but I am hopeless at reversing with a trailer. Although sailing a Wayfarer with an underweight crew is possible. Frank Dye was, at a guess, less than 9 stone, but he famously sailed singlehanded from southern US to the Great Lakes, but he was the greatest ever, and I am not even a has-been, I never was!  Len
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      This also is the problem with Pearl unbalanced. Chris
      On 6 Oct 2017 18:46, "dreamingdotcom@... [dinghysolent]" <dinghysolent@...> wrote:

      As many others have proven, launching a heavier boat can be done. The greatest difficulty I see is the lack of crew weight when sailing. This is probably the main reason I gave up sailing my Wayfarer.


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      > Re: [dinghysolent] Re:: capsize aftermath
      > Posted by: "Len Wingfield" len@...
      > len.wingfield Date: Wed Oct 4, 2017 5:25 pm
      > Tom, how would I manhandle a 16 foot Wayfarer on an awkward trailer?
      > Len

      By using the gifts that God has bestowed on you, that is your car, a
      winch and a good slipway.

      And there is no absolute requirement for the trailer to be awkward,
      though for some reason it does seem to be the norm. Isn't tradition a
      wonderful thing?

      Sail when you can, row when you must, motor only
      when you have to be at work in the morning.

      Alastair Law
      Yeovil, England.
      <http://www.little.jim.freeuk. com>

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