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  • Keith Muscott
    13 Oct
      I think that you are using your device to best advantage if you suss out how to access the menu quickly and change the resolution, depending on whether you want to place the output online or use it for hard-copy printing. 

      My Pentax waterproof (the last one called ‘Pentax’, they are all Ricohs now) allows you to change it about as fast as you change modes from landscape to macro, etc. However, I am never out of Photoshop, InDesign and the rest these days, so I’m usually lazy and leave it set on high resolution (12MB, 16:9 format – just checked) which means that I normally do all my adjustments on my desktop MAC. 

      I also have an Olympus ‘Tough’, which has a brilliant spec but its finish is too shiny for knockabout onboard use – I’m always frightened its going to disappear over the side. Even the part-cover I got for it doesn’t fully overcome this.

      Underlying all this is one unassailable fact: you can do all kinds of things with a big, wide, high res image. Anything around 1MB or less means that you have to pass on that mediocrity to your viewing audience – the reader. And their standards and expectations are very high these days. There used to be a popular vulgar expression bandied about by computer nerds in the old days: ‘Shit in – shit out’. That fits low res images perfectly.


      On 12 Oct 2017, at 22:43, jimbobtom@... [dinghysolent] <dinghysolent@...> wrote:

      I wanted to comment re smartphones and using them on 'lower' settings.
      My phone is set on the lowest camera settings it has.
      Because for both my work website and a motorhome website, that I am involved with providing content for, if my phone is on any higher setting, the picture wont upload unless the go to through picture re sizing software first.

      I am not technical but, I would have taken low resolution photos without thinking and assumed that basically the camera on my phone is now 'too good' to be of use.

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