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9564Itchenor 2 Dec report

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  • Chris Davidson
    5 Dec 03:56

      Dear All,


      Here is the report. All comments welcome before I submit it to Keith Muscott.


      Kind regards,


      Chris D


      Itchenor day sail, Sat 2 December

      Chris Davidson


      Liz Baker                Slipper

      Steve Bradwell    Enterprise

      Chris Davidson               GP14                                  Nicodemus

      Cliff Martin                     GRP Mirror

      Alastair Law                    Foot paddle kayak

      Sarah Sorensen   Lune Pilot                        Pampootie

      David Sumner                Gaff-rigged Mirror                   Curlew

      Chris Waite                     Lugger                                       Polly Wee

      Len Wingfield                 Mirror-rigged Mk 1 Gull        Asa


      The week before was decidedly chilly but a milder north westerly wind brought a lovely day for sailing.  For anyone looking for a reason to go sailing, paddling or rowing in December, this was very pleasant. The planned destination was Sandy Point beach on the Hayling Island entrance to Chichester harbour but for various reasons, mainly the spring low tide at 1530, landings were made at various points.


      For the last sail of 2017 there was a good turnout with a variety of dinghies. It was also noticeable that, despite the wind dying later in the day, there was not a single engine in our small flotilla.


      Everyone except Alastair, who set off in his kayak from West Wittering, launched from Itchenor around 1030 and headed down channel with the strong ebbing tide and a pleasant F2-3 wind. Chris D followed Len up Snowhill Creek to land briefly at Roman Landing before returning to the shelter of East Head where we met with Alastair, Chris W, David and Sarah. We had our lunches on the dunes and watched the Wittering weekend dog walkers out for their afternoon strolls


      We could see Steve heading towards Hayling and so Chris D and Sarah sailed towards Sandy Point, meeting up with Cliff en route. The ebb was so strong at the harbour entrance that we were going backwards when we tried to beat against the tide. We therefore landed close to the sailing club where dozens of dinghies were out racing. Here we met with Steve who had seen a deer swimming as well a curious seal off the south shore of Thorney Island.


      Alastair headed back to Wittering from East Head whilst Chris W, David and Len returned against the tide to Itchenor. Liz had sailed towards Hayling Island and then made her way back to land before the sun set at 4pm. Chris D, Steve, Sarah and Cliff left Sandy Point in succession, initially against the tide and then with a dying wind, rowing back to Itchenor as the sun set. A flock of hundreds of geese flew over our masts with awe inspiring honking, giving us encouragement to pull at our oars with increased vigour. The harbour was dark when we hauled our boats out at Itchenor. It was a great day for winter sailing.




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