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  • ...are more than welcome to do your own thing Either way I'll be there Neil Sutherland On 30 Jun 2017, at 15:40, Christopher Peacock nashvineyard@^$3 [dinghysolent] < dinghysolent@^$4. uk > wrote: Sadly I cant join you on this Rally this weekend. I do however intend to have...
    Christopher Peacock 30 Jun
  • Sadly I cant join you on this Rally this weekend. I do however intend to have a full days sailing in Chichester harbour on Sunday as the wind looks perfect along with the tides. Anyone care to join me? Chris Peacock Pearl 07850339685 On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 7:53 PM, jimbobtom@^$1 [dinghysolent] < dinghysolent@^$2 > wrote: It used to be run by a man called Nigel, sadly he died only...
    Christopher Peacock 30 Jun
  • Off to the Golfe du Morbihan on Saturday with Pearl. We are catching the overnight ferry to St Malo and then driving south to Vannes where we are based(flotilla 3). Roger is going, anyone else? Good sailing Chris
    Christopher Peacock 14 May
  • Having a great sail in Harbour. Resting at East Head. Just seen David Sumner in Curlew go by returning from Bembridge. Wind has been all over the place today. Great fun. Chris On 7 May 2017 10:48, "'Len Wingfield' len@^$1 [dinghysolent]" < dinghysolent@^$2 > wrote: So sorry, after all the fuss I had car problems. Len From: jimbobtom@^$3 [dinghysolent] Sent: Saturday, May 6, 2017 11...
    Christopher Peacock 7 May
  • Not good. You would not get out until at least 9pm. Itchenor is best all tides launch site. Chris On 6 May 2017 4:59 pm, " jimbobtom@^$1 [dinghysolent]" < dinghysolent@^$2 > wrote: Whats launching like in Prinstead Chris? Its closer for me, slightly. Tom
    Christopher Peacock 6 May
  • Len and Tom plus any others who would like to join us. I plan to leave my mooring at Prinsted at 11am and will make my way up harbour to look for you. Tom, I am in a 15ft gaff sloop with cream sails, cream hull and varnished topsides. Flying DCA burgee. Sorted out my work issues. See you tomorrow Chris 07850339685 On Sat, May 6, 2017 at 7:40 AM, 'Len Wingfield' len@^$1...
    Christopher Peacock 6 May
  • I now have some work related issues which I must sort out before Monday. This means I will not make it to Bembridge. I may be able to day sail in Chichester harbour on Sunday. My apologies to all. Chris Peacock On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 5:16 PM, chrismpartridge@^$1 [dinghysolent] < dinghysolent@^$2 > wrote: Are you going on Saturday or Sunday?
    Christopher Peacock 5 May
  • All things considered that is a sensible option Steve. Reminds me of the old joke"If I was you I wouldn't start from here" Chris On 3 May 2017 2:43 pm, " stevebradwell@^$1 [dinghysolent]" < dinghysolent@^$2 > wrote: I'm planning on attending Chris. I may sail late from Warsash. Steve
    Christopher Peacock 3 May
  • I too am keeping a close eye on forecast. May be tricky getting back on Sunday with a force 2 Northerly max. It would be helpful to know who else is tempted to attend this rally. Chris Peacock 07850339685 On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 10:43 PM, curlew5878@^$1 [dinghysolent] < dinghysolent@^$2 > wrote: Met Office land forecast giving F4 gusting F6 ENE, a fair wind the whole way. 10% chance...
    Christopher Peacock 3 May
  • At least 3!! On 1 May 2017 7:38 am, " chrismpartridge@^$1 [dinghysolent]" < dinghysolent@^$2 > wrote: And there was I just tooling up towards Itchenor to waste a bit of time before lunch. If I had known I had two people chasing I would have tried a bit harder....
    Christopher Peacock 1 May