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  • ...sensitive areas highlighted on the map”. http://www.conservancy.co.uk/assets/assets/CHC%20Paddle%20sports%20leaflet_LORES.pdf :-( Steve.
    Steve White 17 Sep
  • I would have liked to be with you sailing but working instead. Just got back from a week sailing the Blackwater. Lovely location, weather not so good, forced home by Aileen (storm not wife!) Steve
    stevebradwell@... 15 Sep
  • ...daysailer get into overnight camping? I'm very happy to learn, but I don't want to make a complete hash of it first time out. Thanks, Steve.
    Stephen White 4 Sep
  • ...remarked to her that I’d never had a mid-capsize negotiation before… “I’m a lawyer… Everything is negotiated”. :-) Steve.
    Steve White 3 Sep
  • ...weekend was my only opportunity and it was not forecast windy enough for a brisk round-Hayling, so I repaired things instead). Yours, Steve.
    Steve White 3 Sep
  • ...dealer let me know. When you think of the number of boatbuilders it is incredible that timber supplies should be so difficult. Steve
    stevebradwell@... 24 Aug
  • Hi Liz. All of Mary's photos are attached to her post below. I've just transferred some of them to the Oxey album. I'll go through them and put her name to them though. As to the location of the photos they were all taken at Oxey apart from the two which have captions stating otherwise. They are the one of Alan's boat taken at Calshot and my boat at Hurst. Steve
    stevebradwell@... 10 Aug
  • ...well. Luckily I don't have that problem this time! The lengths I went to to provide more interesting copy for Keith!! Best wishes Steve
    stevebradwell@... 10 Aug
  • ...would have couped with the conditions. But it was a long windward slog. Enjoyed your Provident video. Looked like a very nice trip. Steve
    stevebradwell@... 9 Aug
  • ...Roger Barnes and Mary Dooley. Ilur. 'Avel Dro' Rob Stracey. Mirror. 'Galadiel' Alan Moulton Bayraider. ‘Leven Lady' Steve Bradwell. Enterprise David Sumner (not at venue). Mirror. 'Curlew’ There is an inherent challenge in attending any...grateful thanks to the RS sailor whose name I don't even know but who did not hesitate to help another dinghy sailor. Steve
    stevebradwell@... 9 Aug