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Re: Eddystone 940 Glad to have stopped you puzzling Steve. That said, I have a few sets here that have some voltages that don’t match those specified – they work well, with
Gerry O'Hara
26 Mar
Re: Eddystone 940 Hi Gerry, Thank you. Yes, I was using a digital multimeter, not a 20,000 ohms per volt meter as mentioned in the manual. Since getting your message, I have
25 Mar
Re: Eddystone 940 What sort of meter are you using Steve? – if it’s a DMM or TVM, then they will likely read higher voltage than specified in the manual (for a VOM). Gerry
Gerry O'Hara
25 Mar
Eddystone 940 I am restoring one of these but the anode voltage on the 6C4 local oscillator seems to be too high. The manual says it should be 70 volts on Range 5 but it is
25 Mar
Telford Communications Somewhat off topic, but here goes! Does any one have any circuit diagrams or info on any of the Telford kit? Particularly looking for info on the TC10 tx and
25 Mar
Eddystone 1990R/3 VHF/UHF receiver, 1061 Panoramic Display Unit (PDU Just acquired an Eddystone 1990R/3 VHF/UHF receiver, 1061 Panoramic Display Unit (in a cabinet and all working OK) plus a mystery object, an Eddystone 1407/2,
Robert Lee
17 Mar
Racal RA 117E off topic? Hi Group I have placed an RA 117E on the bay, it may be of interest? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141209106556?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
Stuart Mckinnon
8 Mar
Re: Eddystone Sets for Sale Hello Chris, Well - did not realise that you were moving! Hope all goes well. If the NC200 is in nice shape can I please put my name to it Chris. and if there
Alan Ainslie
2 Mar
Eddystone Sets for Sale Hi everyone, this one is for the collectors I am having to downsize prior to a move so have decided to sell on some of my collection of HF Receivers. These are
2 Mar
Re: EC10 problem some how in the back of my mind I think the LO has to be tuned ABOVE the signal on the band 5 If it is tuned below to produce the 456 kHz then part way through
19 Feb
Re: 680x case Hi Andy....thanks for mail and info...I did not expect that but of course I would be very interested. I will await your news, good or not so,  Regards  
Roger Hunt
7 Feb
Re: 680x case Roger I might have one, I will check over the w/e, it's under a pile of gear 73 Andy G3UEQ ... Roger I might have one, I will check over the w/e, it's under a
Andrew Hearn
7 Feb
680x case Hi...I am new to the group, I have a small collection of eddystones, my latest a 680x which came without a cabinet. I wonder if eddystone cabinets vary that
7 Feb
Re: Audio distortion Thanks David, Made some useful progress on the distortion on the Mk1 EC10. I spotted some more carbon resistors that had drifted upwards in value, namely the
3 Feb
Re: Audio distortion Hi Kevin again, just a thought - is there a diode-based noise limiter in there? if so, check the bias on the diodes (OA81's perhaps?) It may be clipping the AF
David Mearman
2 Feb
Re: EC10 problem Hi Kevin, That's brilliant news. Glad you found the problem. Your distortion may be a similar thing on the IF or RF amp, along with general agc problems. Best
David Mearman
2 Feb
Re: Audio distortion Hi, I noticed that the distortion on strong signals is quite bad on my EC10. The AGC system appears to be working and meets the eddystone spec, and there is no
2 Feb
Re: EC10 problem Dave, Thanks for this. The problem was tracked down to R14 which is a feedback resistor for the LO on range 1. It is actually an unbypassed emitter resistor so
2 Feb
Re: EC10 problem ... From: David Mearman To: eddystone_radio_users@... Sent: Saturday, February 01, 2014 2:52 PM Subject: [eddystone_radio_users] Re: EC10 problem
2 Feb
Re: EC10 problem Hi Kevin Re your EC10 problem I've seen this kind of problem several times before, when restoring vintage valve radios. Sometimes the problem appears in the
David Mearman
1 Feb
Re: parts for 1830/1, damaged L34 Ron, I think I have some of these as spares: please email me off line. Ian M0ECQ To: eddystone_radio_users@... From: ve8rt@... Date:
ian nutt
31 Jan
parts for 1830/1, damaged L34 I'm in need of a replacement L34 coil for my 1830/1 I believe the part number is D4480. I believe the core is broken and seized in, maybe I could just
R Thompson
30 Jan
Re: EC10 problem IF exactly 465kHz ... From: Diego García Medina To: eddystone_radio_users@... Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 8:57 PM Subject: Re:
30 Jan
Re: EC10 problem May be IF out of range, try retuning IF Transformers marking with pencil old position 73 Diego LU2DVY El día miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014 17:42, kkyahoo
Diego García Medina
29 Jan
EC10 problem Hi, My Mk1 EC10 has a fault on the local oscillator on band 5. If you tune the receiver below about 19MHz the oscillator stops working and the receiver will
29 Jan
1830/1 alignment tips? We've moved to our own house and now I have some space to set up my 1830/1. First, having downloaded a copy of the service manual, I'm going over the
R Thompson
28 Jan
Lots of Eddystone receivers listed on website I have put up a list of Eddystone receivers for sale on the EUG website ( www.eddystoneusergroup.org.uk) FOR SALE pages. These are the result of SK disposal by
Christopher Pettitt
26 Jan
Re: Seeking Info re EDDY 1650/9/A Yes unless they have been modified (not a factory modification but done privately by Mr Steadman and others ) Regards Chris G0EYO From:
Christopher Pettitt
19 Jan
Re: Seeking Info re EDDY 1650/9/A Very useful thanks -- though I I wonder if akk 1650/6 versions are computer driven only?
18 Jan
Re: Seeking Info re EDDY 1650/9/A The following will help you understand the variants Variants of the 1650 LF/HF Receiver Known variants of the 1650 series receiver 1650/1 AM, CW, USB 1650/2
Christopher Pettitt
18 Jan
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