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Frequency Measuring Test

Several times a year the amateur group here in the US, the ARRL, runs a frequency measuring test. Signals are broadcast on three ham bands and hams are
John Reed
18 Nov

Eddystone 840A for sale £80

Purchased at the GQRP Sherborne rally about 5 years ago, given toanother ham, but recently returned to me when he downsized,neither of us have turned it on.
gareth evans
18 Nov

Re: (unknown)

Good morning Gerry and Pete, i have a 958/7 which i have been inside of many times, they are a simple set and if you follow a non wandering path through the
    10 Nov
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    Re: (unknown)

    Thank you very much Gerry On Nov 8, 2015 10:42 AM, "'Gerry O'Hara' gerrycohara@... ... Thank you very much Gerry On Nov 8, 2015 10:42 AM, "'Gerry O'Hara'
    Pete March
    8 Nov

    Re: (unknown)

    Yes, the 958 is a very fine receiver – especially for CW. It is probably the most sophisticated implementations of the ‘Wadley Loop’ and offered one of
    Gerry O'Hara
    8 Nov

    Re: (unknown)

    yes Gerry Charles, hi hi, it's you. I appologize. I saw your articles on my linux box and typed the mesage in the car. Thank you very much for getting back to
    7 Nov

    Re: (unknown)

    Hi Pete, I think you are probably referring to me, Gerry, VE7GUH. The fault you describe seems unusual – leaving the AGC switched off would not under normal
    Gerry O'Hara
    7 Nov

    Re: EC-958 front-end overload ERRATA

    Because of the Violence, not violence. Sorry, my phone has a mind of its own Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone ... Because of the Violence, not violence.
    6 Nov

    (no subject)

    Hello everybody I have a beautiful EC958. It's the second one that I own in the last 30 years. I loved my first eddystone when I was a teen. Unfortunately I
    6 Nov

    Re: S670A thermistor

    Hi Jan, It’s a CZ3. See Lighthouse, Issue 90, page 30 (article by Tor Martinsen) for some useful info. 73 Gerry, VE7GUH From:
    Gerry O'Hara
    5 Nov

    S670A thermistor

    Hello! Does anyone know what type of thermistor the S670A use. It's R35 in the schematic. Mine broke in two... Jan, LA3WMA
    4 Nov

    DROPPER CALCS was Eddystone 870 wierd mains operation..

    I've attached a couple of files you may find useful; getting rid of mains droppers is a good idea. Cheers John G8JMB
    1 Nov
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      Dropper Calculations.xls
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      Dropper Calculations.doc

    : Re: [eddystone_radio_users] Eddystone 870 wierd mains operation..

    The ripple voltage on the H.T. will be higher and the smoothing cap(s) will have a higher ripple current. I don't know this receiver but are you able to see if
    29 Oct

    Re: Eddystone 870 wierd mains operation..

    Hi, Has anyone come across this strange mains arrangement, which seems to work fine for the owner. Recently, a neighbour of mine asked me about a longer wire
    28 Oct

    Re: Eddystone black screened (mini) audio cable - any...

    HI, I have got a lot of a very similar cable, I have been unable to find the proper one too, if you want to send me your postal address, I will send you a few
    28 Oct
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