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: Re: [eddystone_radio_users] eddy 740 restoration

Another method is to use an ultra-sonic cleaner with a few drops of detergent in the water., although the readily [cheap] ones may be too small for valve era
1 May

Re: eddy 740 restoration

Regarding cleaning the tuning capacitor, I have successfully cleaned them in the dishwasher. Not with the crockery. Dave M0HBV
David iNGREY
1 May

Re: eddy 740 restoration

thanks Gerry will use that when cleaned, now back to hammering the valves back into their bases hi. From: mailto:eddystone_radio_users@... Sent:
paul kalas
1 May

Re: eddy 740 restoration

That sounds like a good solution (no pun intended). I use either molybdenum or lithium grease on the ball bearings, a drop of light machine oil on the rear
Gerry O'Hara
1 May

Re: eddy 740 restoration

Gerry & Graham, many tnx ur suggestions. I think I might try Amandas’ idea of an oxy solution boiling it up, I think it is the stuff my xyl uses for laundry
paul kalas
1 May

S-670A Restoration

I have acquired a S-670A in excellent mechanical condition which I plan to make my "daily driver" radio for MW listening. The plan is to change the
1 May

Re: eddy 740 restoration

I have heard that washing in a dishwasher using regular dishwasher powder works wonders on dirty tuning gangs... I have never tried this myself as my life
Gerry O'Hara
1 May

Re: eddy 740 restoration

Paul I’m not sure if this is the best way, but based on my limited knowledge and if I had to do it, I would first totally dismantle it, bearings and all.
Graham Holloway
1 May

eddy 740 restoration

Rx has been in a garage for years so heavily soiled etc. Have resprayed cabinet, replaced dial bulb, replaced resistors and caps in bfo unit.Fitted 3 core
30 Apr

Re: : Re: [eddystone_radio_users] Eddystone S640 instability

Yes John, Usually it's a red or silver conductive coating. I got my set initially working by using some of my wife's ali baking foil and wrapped the valves, in
27 Apr

: Re: [eddystone_radio_users] Eddystone S640 instability

Many thanks Kevin for the help, I will look into the state of the IF valve screening, these ones have red covering. cheers John
27 Apr

Re: Eddystone S640 instability

John, The 640 instability I had was in the IF and caused by faulty screening paint on the IF valves. That's the sprayed on material that should be silver
27 Apr

Eddystone S640 instability

I have just aquired an Eddystone S640. Every thing seems to operate ok. The only problem I have is some sort of instability around the xtal filter knob. when I
27 Apr

Eddystone 6200 FS

Alerting all on the group to my Eddy 6200, now in the final 2 days of a 10 day auction:
25 Apr

Going SK / QRT

I wonder if anyone out there would be interested in taking the EA12, EC10 Mk I,and 840A all as one lot for £300? Reason: The Big C and not wishing to leave
gareth evans
24 Apr
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