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FW: [eddystone] Digest Number 218

From: Christopher Pettitt [mailto:g0eyo@...] Sent: 22 May 2015 14:29 To: 'No Reply' Subject: RE: [eddystone] Digest Number 218 Pierre Have a look
Christopher Pettitt
22 May

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Tony Harwood
21 May
Tony Harwood
19 May

: Kilodyne Four

Hi Tony - there is th emanual here: http://www.eddystoneusergroup.org.uk/Manuals/kilodyne%204%20manual.pdf
19 May

Kilodyne Four

Hello all and sundry from G4hhz new member Having recently joined octogenarians anonymous I am taking the time to follow my past pursuit of TRF short wave
Tony Harwood
18 May

Re: : 880 ferrite rods stiction

Thanks for all comments received.Pipe cleaner run through, but on close inspection, the problem is probably due to the severe scoring of the bore of the coil
Mike Haig
17 May

EA12 - cursor drive wire (replaced with brown string ?)

Hello, I am restoring an Eddystone EA12 which a previous owner replaced the cursor wire with thin brown string. This string has now frayed and requires
17 May

Re: : 880 ferrite rods stiction

Some good points Ian and close visual inspection/cleaning must be the first step in case it is an accumulation of dirt or some other mechanical impediment.
Gerry O'Hara
15 May

Re: : 880 ferrite rods stiction

I believe these should not be lubricated. Any medium may cause the permeability tuning to become inaccurate as I believe it was based on the assumption of an
ian nutt
15 May

: 880 ferrite rods stiction

Thanks all for the suggestions. I do wonder if any lubricant was used in the initial manufacture ? The rods appear quite dry at present.
15 May

Re: : 880 ferrite rods stiction

I think silicone grease would work, but it tends to spread with time and can be messy. Other possibilities would be a Teflon-based lubricant (non-greasy), a
Gerry O'Hara
14 May

Re: : 880 ferrite rods stiction

Servisol silicone grease is a good lubricant, its inert and doesn't dry out ... From: mikeh_408@... [eddystone_radio_users] To:
Ivor Martindale
14 May

: 880 ferrite rods stiction

Thanks for the interest Graham. I have found in other applications that WD40 eventually dries and leaves a greasy film residue, so would be a short term fix
14 May

Re: 880 ferrite rods stiction

Mike WD40??? Kind regards Graham From: eddystone_radio_users@... [mailto:eddystone_radio_users@...] Sent: 14 May 2015 14:10 To:
Graham Holloway
14 May

880 ferrite rods stiction

Any tips welcome for reducing the stiction of the ferrite rods as they move in and out of the coil formers in the 880 models. I don't expect the smoothness of
14 May
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