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Re: Graeme G3GGL SK as mayor of Bewdley

Nice to be reminded of Graeme, Chris. Thanks.
John Pollard
28 Jul

Graeme G3GGL SK as mayor of Bewdley

Was watching a BBC4 film about the Golden Age of Steam which featured Severn Valley Railway and imagine my surprise when seeing the part about them restoring
27 Jul
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Gary Donovan GW8BNL sadly SK

This from Gavin Morrison: I’m not sure whether any of you knew my Grandfather, Gary Donovan, from Newport, South Wales. His callsign was GW8BNL, and was a
27 Jul

Re: 990R - 240v transformer taps? [3 Attachments]

Hi Noname In the sixties the main nominal on the European continent was 220VAC, in the UK 230VAC, in Japan 100VAC and in the US 117VAC. The transformer has
22 Jul

990R - 240v transformer taps?

I’ve picked up a 990R VHF receiver (late model yellow one) from the U.S. and I’d just like to verify the transformer taps for 240v. No manual came with the
22 Jul
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Re: 1838

Ian I have quite a few "decent" mil grade metal-cased tubular tants in 10u/25v if anyone needs them. Free to the group. Request my address separately. regards
Graham Holloway
14 Jul

Re: 1838

Ben, Likely a tantalum capacitor failed somewhere, probably associated with an on power regulator IC. I have had similar readouts with 1837's Ian To:
ian nutt
14 Jul


opps, just found the 1838 manual in the list.. must get my eye's tested. Anyway, any idea on fault appreciated. Ben. Military Wireless Museum Kidderminster,
Military Wireless Museum
14 Jul


My 1838, Marconi Atlantic, is showing 99.9000 on its display. The set is tuning etc so looks like a display problem. I see there's no 1838 manual in the
Military Wireless Museum
14 Jul

: Four Pole McMurdo Power Plug for EC10

Hi Ian, email sent 10.07/15 Ian
12 Jul

Re: : RE: [eddystone_radio_users] Four Pole McMurdo Power Plug for E

Hi Ian, Do you need plugs only or plug and socket? Please email me off line at my msn address. Thanks Ian To: eddystone_radio_users@... From:
ian nutt
10 Jul

: RE: [eddystone_radio_users] Four Pole McMurdo Power Plug for EC10

Hello Ian, I was just about to email you! I had better have two as a safeguard against further problems. Let me have the damage and I will get a cheque in the
9 Jul

Re: Four Pole McMurdo Power Plug for EC10

I have these!!! How many would you like?? Ian To: eddystone_radio_users@... From: eddystone_radio_users@... Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2015
ian nutt
9 Jul

Four Pole McMurdo Power Plug for EC10

It never rains but it pours. During the various movements of my EC10 of late, the power plug has broken. I built my own power supply in an old battery psu for
9 Jul

Free Eddystone 6-pin former

Hello, A few years ago, Tor gave me an Eddystone 6-pin former* along with instructions to wind a 6W coil. Before winding the coil I acquired a 6W. With Tor's
Louis Vermond
9 Jul
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