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  • Jason & Mhari
    Hi all, Further to my note on the CENA AGM - Carolyn has sent the attached detailing the vacant positions they are looking to fill this year. It would be good
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2009
      Hi all,
      Further to my note on the CENA AGM - Carolyn has sent the attached detailing the vacant positions they are looking to fill this year.
      It would be good as a club if we can step up and fill a couple of these. Division 3 co-ordinator might be a good one for someone, Tammie is stepping down from this position so I'm sure she would be happy to fill anyone in on what's involved. There is  a bit of work at the start of the season as I understand it to collect in team sheets etc.. then it is monitoring games through the season collecting match sheets and flagging any problems . Typically the divisional co-ordinators are not expected to attend the monthly meeting so I don't think this one would be too much of a time committment (Tammie will let me know if I'm wrong there!) Courses co-ordinator might also be good for someone who is interested in progressing in umpiring or coaching as I suspect this is all about liasising with Netball Scotland and trying to get the right courses run at the right time in Edinburgh - again hopefully shouldn't be a biggie in terms of time.
      As Carolyn is staying on as president there will be some continuity in the exec so it's probably a really good time to get involved, with all the enthusiasm we had at our own AGM I'm hopefully a few of you might want to dip a toe in the CENA organisation too. Carolyn's doing a great job as president and is really good fun to work with so I'm sure the next CENA season will be a good one.
      If you are interested in any of the roles please let me know or go back to Carolyn directly
      Many thanks

      Hi All,


      Could you please forward this on to all club members!


      We are in need of a few volunteers within CENA for the 2009/2010 season.


      We are looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:


      ·         Secretary

      ·         Division 3 Coordinator

      ·         Development Officer

      ·         Under 17 Junior Rep

      ·         Courses Coordinator

      ·         Media Officer


      We are currently in the process of drawing up a wee summary of what each role involves, as soon as these are complete I’ll forward them on. In the meantime any support you can drum up would be great. If anyone shows an interest please direct them to me for further info.






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